Hey there!

Our Bigcartel shop is closed, but you can buy some of our posters at www.littleformini.se

Marit Lissdaniels and Angelica Utterberg are the names behind Little Studio.
We met at beautiful Hellidens college, where the idea for a joint project was born.

After months of sketching late into the night, and much laughter and brainstorming during the day, Little Studio was born in March 2010.
Our shared studio and shop where we offered playful and cheerful design, which we hoped would fit equally well to adults as to children. 

After two years we have decided to take a break with the shop, and instead focus on patterns and design for other companies. 
So this is what we do now, freelancing as pattern designers,
with a lot of exciting work in progress. 

Children's ability to see things for more than what they really are is a great inspiration to us. A triangle could for example just be a triangle, but with a little imagination, it could turn into a mountain. Or a circle, can with other circles turn into soap bubbles.

We try to avoid the traditional gender roles,
we want everything to fit everyone. It's so much more fun we think, when you erase these boundaries and get to choose freely.
Instead, we try to create designs that with the aid of imagination, color and shape conveys a special feeling.

Warm welcome to Little Studio!
Marit Lissdaniels & Angelica Utterberg